The background story of Woven Bottles

Always wondered how Woven Bottles works? How it all began? Good news! Our CEO, Mark van der Aa, tells you everything today.

Work in a sustainable way

Mark starts: ‘’As a 50-year-old family business, we were always aware of our responsibility towards people and the planet. Sustainability is more and more becoming part of our DNA. Not only do we look at our own operations, like having a new CO2 neutral facility, we feel the responsibility to help change the upholstery industry in a more sustainable way.

That’s not just a social responsibility, it’s a commercial opportunity and we also expect it to be a legal obligation somewhere in the near future. It’s up to us to be well prepared to meet future demands’’.

An environmental impact

With Woven Bottles we want to make qualitative sustainable polyester fabrics available for the middle segment. Because if we want to change the market and make an environmental impact we can’t just focus on the high segment. And with qualitative I do not only mean good fabrics, we also aim high when it comes to the level of sustainability and the way we can back up our social and environmental claims.

‘’When we (as a wholesaler) started this project, we aimed for a push strategy in where we needed to convince our customers that the time is right for sustainable fabrics. Now, more than a year later, this push strategy is no longer relevant. Demand had already shifted from push to pull ‘’ so said Mark.

He continues: ‘’This also means competition growing, and in this case, that’s a good thing. One thing I’ve learned along the way is that we need to change the way we think about using our resources. And if we really want to make a difference, we can’t just do it alone.

As I keep saying, we’re not perfect when it comes to sustainability. You can’t expect us to suddenly change course 180 degrees. For us, this is just the first step, but I can promise that from now on we will keep on improving our products, services, and standards. The alternative to do nothing isn’t an option anymore’’.

The world changes

When we look at companies like Ikea, who pledged to only use recycled materials in 2030 and already only want to use recycled Polyester in 2020. It made us realize the world is changing a lot faster than we could imagine!

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