Why create when you can reuse?

Producing conventional fabrics is a very polluting process. So, we reuse what has already been made in a highly efficient production process.

We are Woven Bottles

It’s strong, soft to the touch, durable and it has all the credentials quality fabrics require. On the outside Woven Bottles is a polyester fabric like any other. But as always: it’s the inside that counts. Woven Bottles holds one of the solutions for our massive plastics problem. Instead of conventional ingredients, we re-use plastic bottles. In terms of quality, the polyester from the bottles gives us a fabric that is perfect for upholstery. It matches up to any conventional fabric, providing a maximum in seating comfort, softness and durability.

But more importantly: it gives you that comforting feeling of making a difference for our planet. With Woven Bottles, you buy a fabric that, when you’re done with it, can be recycled again and again.

Read more about product specifications here.

Meet our partner:

We (Woven Bottles) are experts in upholstery fabrics. Not so much in setting up and maintaining production facilities that focus on sustainability. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we sought the help of the internationally renowned experts at Waste2wear. They have helped countless companies make their products and production process more sustainable. 

Waste2Wear produces fabrics from recycled plastic bottles since 2008. They are experts in developing innovative textiles from recycled plastic bottles. And besides that, they are a big inspiration to us in the realization of our sustainable DNA.

Woven Bottles is their first venture into upholstery. They make sure people are employed respectfully and that our fabrics acquire all the necessary and desirable qualifications and certificates.

Read all about their expertise, their focus of sustainability and, most of all, their respect for people and our planet on their website. 


3rd party certifications

When we make claims, we back them up. These are the certificates that prove that we deliver what we promise you.

The Global Recycled Standard is a holistic certification for products with recycled content. It helps to provide accurate labeling, encourages innovation, offers transparency in the supply chain, and provides better information to consumers.

SCS is an international leader in third-party certification, validation, and verification for environmental, sustainability, and food safety and quality performance claims.

This label stands for responsible textile production, safety and transparency. It represents an additional reassurance for factory employees, retailers and consumers. It guarantees that the products are free from harmful substances.

This logo tells you that people manufacturing our fabrics are treated and paid fairly. Naturally, it excludes any kind of illegal or morally irresponsible employment, such as child labor.

Intertek is an internationally renowned organization, ensuring the quality and safety of products, processes and systems.

Verifies the compliance of facilities, including aspects such as: working hours, fair compensation, health and safety, ethical business behavior, discrimination and environmental protection.

How it’s made

Step 1 - Collect

Used (post consumer) bottles are collected from Chinese landfills.

Step 2- Clean

We remove the labels and the caps. We wash the bottles and shred them into small flakes.

Step 3 – Pellets

The flakes are melted and filtered to remove impurities. Next, they are turned into pellets.

Step 4 – Yarn

The pellets are melted again and extruded through micro-holes to make strands of yarn.

Step 5 – Fabric

These PET yarns can be mixed with other types of fabrics, like cotton.

Impact reduction

Using Recycled PET reduces the environmental impact of the yarn production by:



A highly efficient process helps cut energy use dramatically.



Compared to production methods for other fabrics, our carbon footprint is much smaller.



Our efficiency also dramatically reduces the need for precious water.

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