The best is yet to come, a preview for 2021

The way we think about our planet is slowly shifting. Step by step, sustainable products are conquering our supermarket shelves. An icon like the new world Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton is a profound advocate for a vegetarian lifestyle. And we can even make a fashion statement in our living room with upholstery fabrics made from used plastic bottles. So, yes we care!

The first sustainable concept

2020 was the year we launched our first sustainable concept for the upholstery industry. All our initial sales goals were achieved quickly. But numbers aside, it was also an educational journey through which we learnt a lot, met inspiring partners and discovered various ways to produce real sustainable fabrics.

Different insights

During previous economic crises, sustainability was mostly seen as a prosperity issue which quickly fell off our priority wagon. The current market situation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic gave us different insights. Usually, a crisis encourages people to change their priorities towards economical rather than ecological advantages, similar to focusing on short-term goals rather than long-term goals. But this situation is different: people have become more aware of their vulnerability and their wellbeing. This awareness encourages us to not only take better care of our personal health but also of the planet, which in turn takes care of us.

Climate-neutrality in 2050

We have approximately ten years left to reduce our environmental impact and emissions by 55% by 2030. Within the European Green deal, this is an intermediate goal towards climate-neutrality in 2050. Of course, nobody foresaw this year’s epidemic, which has mainly resulted in a year of fear and uncertainty.

Nevertheless, our belief has always been that, especially during these times of crisis, we need to invest. Challenging circumstances such as these allow us to push the reset button, stimulating creativity and creating new opportunities. We believe, in the next few years more mainstream companies like us will join the sustainable frontrunners.

The best is yet to come

All recent events are taken into account we decided to go full speed ahead. In 2021 we expect to launch many new products, host new events and make new introductions. We wish you all a healthy, sustainable and fun 2021. And by quoting Mr Frank Sinatra during the holidays: ”The best is yet to come.”

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