Soil: a no-nonsense timeless fabric

Let’s introduce Soil. One of our first products made from recycled plastic bottles. This was the start of our sustainable journey. We decided to make a sustainable fabric that’s easy going and well known in our market. This way people can experience how we can offer sustainable alternatives, for a very competitive price and without sacrificing quality and compliance.

Discover Soil

Soil is a flat woven sustainable fabric. It’s formed by 2 thread groups crossing at right angles to each other. The yarns used for the face side of this fabric contain 60% recycled content from RPET bottles and 10% virgin polyester.

Our goal is to offer fabrics made out of 100% recycled content. For this flat woven fabric, it wasn’t possible yet. Technically we pushed the limits and we developed a unique 100% RPET backing. This way we made sure the fabric still has a high level of sustainability. It resulted in a no bull shit timeless fabric, available in many fashionable color options. The fabric is suitable for both fitted and loose-fitting upholstery.

Quality and sustainability can go hand in hand

As mentioned earlier, our sustainable fabrics offer the same level of quality compared to our virgin counterparts. The look and feel you can experience yourself and that’s also a matter of personal taste. But here are some numbers and facts for all our technical salespeople:

– The abrasion resistance is 100.000
– The lightfastness is 4-5
– Pilling resistance class 4
– It’s washable at 30 degrees (machine wash)

So no compromise on quality with our sustainable goods. And rest assured we got the compliance covert with this product as well. Curious about more details about soil? You can find all the details on the product sheet.

Fun fact about Soil

We also offer instore banners to create client awareness. For these banners, we switched from using paper foil to our sustainable fabric Soil Nature. We also adjusted the banner size so that there is almost no cutting loss. So not only do they look good, but they also are modular and easy to recycle.

What you didn’t know about Soil

A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute. Let’s be part of a solution by giving them a second life. With our production process (compared to virgin polyester), we already saved 479,991 megajoules (MJ) of energy, that’s the amount of energy to leave a lamp turned on for 285 years.

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