The European Green Deal

To start a successful business is not just about having a good idea, it’s about execution and timing. But how do we know the time is right to introduce the new sustainable business and are people willing to pay extra for it?

Making the economy sustainable

There isn’t much consensus on price elasticity for sustainable consumer goods. But the questions; can we make good sustainable products and are people willing to pay extra aren’t the only factors to take into account?

Our policymakers (European Commission) also realize we need to do things differently if we care about the future of our planet. And if we want to make an impact, we must work together. The so-called European Green Deal is a roadmap for making the EU’s economy sustainable. The goals:

– There are no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050
– Economic growth is decoupled from resource use
– No person and no place is left behind

Let’s do our part

And what started as a roadmap with nice but serious intentions, is getting more and more legal ground both locally as on a European level; like the European Climate law. As always we have the hardliners who say this law has too little ambition and extreme conservatives who claim our economy is being held hostage by the green left-wingers. We are not here to take a stand, but we do want to make u realize that somewhere in the near future we will be legally bonded to do our part.

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