Waste2Wear: our sustainable partner

Sustainable fabrics are a relatively new order of business for Textaafoam. When we were looking for a partner for our sustainable product line (Woven Bottles), we were looking for experience, trustworthiness, and inspiration. Which brought us to Waste2Wear.

Experience in recycling

Waste2Wear has been making textiles from recycled plastics in China for over a decade. They started out in the fashion industry by collecting used (post-consumer) RPET bottles and turning them into fashionable items.

The market for home textiles comes with different and stricter requirements. Over the past two years, together, we have invested in the and production and development of fabrics suitable for the upholstery market. Adding the Textaafoam quality standards to the sustainable Waste2Wear fabrics.

Sustainable Business Award

Recently Waste2Wear won a Sustainable Business Award for “Outstanding Environmental and Climate Performance”, awarded by the European Union Chamber of Commerce (EUCC). This award was earned in recognition of their newly developed fabrics made from recycled polypropylene (RPP). And in doing this, giving old fridges a second life.

This award illustrates their commitment to developing sustainable fabrics, contributing to the effort to tackle the global plastic waste issues and take care of our planet.

Trustworthiness: take responsibility

These days you can expect a company to take responsibility in knowing the complete origin of its products. Where do they come from, how are the workers treated, is it produced in a truly sustainable way?

This has become a standard demand from consumers nowadays, as result of growing awareness and easier ways to share knowledge and information. As the world becomes more and more transparent, compliance becomes ever more important in the world of business.

Waste2Wear not only focusses its innovation efforts on product development, but also on compliance with sustainability and corporate responsibility. This ensures that all processes meet our expectations, in social, chemical and sustainability requirements.

Waste2wear uses:

– Their own developed standards

– Various quality marks (like BSCI and GRS)

– The latest technology to monitor the entire process

Waste2Wear ocean plastic project

In 2018, Waste2Wear joined forces with governments, NGO’s and universities, to start the ‘Waste2Wear ocean plastic project’. Through this project, they collected plastic from the ocean and coastal areas. The project was covered in a documentary that was broadcast on National Geographic/Discovery Chanel. In our upcoming season, we will use this ocean plastic in our production of the Woven Bottles collection.

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